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I just want to inform you that I followed your approach to network with business analysts at some of the top banks.

I had many meetings and spoke to several managers in person. During one meeting (just two weeks ago), my informational interview with a Snr. Business Analyst turned into an actual interview as he was very impressed with my resume and achievements to date.

Whilst, the competency questions went really well and my interpersonal skills shined through, which he noted, my performance during the conflict/ weaknesses based questions was not as good. This was due to a lack of practice – I was not anticipating the informational interview to turn into an on the spot interview.

Nonetheless, he took my resume and said he would pass it on to the recruitment team. I anticipate interviews will be [in 3-4 weeks], hence why I was considering purchasing the Cracking the Business Analyst Interview Prep-Course as soon as possible. That would give me some time to prepare.

Alongside the CTBAI Prep Course, is there anything else you recommend I must know? My interview skills also requires some fixing as it has been a long time since I did one (almost 2 years ago). Will the CTBAI Prep Course help me improve my interview skills as well as provide the Business Analyst interview questions I will face?

Indeed it is a difficult time for those undergrad students who are doing internships abroad during the summer, as we have to manage our work placement and also use the summer to effectively prepare for the upcoming interviews. I am also setting up a venture which has increased the workload.

Thank you for all your help and your fantastic resources. I read your emails everyday.

My Reply:

Yes, those on the spot interviews can be a bit of a surprise!

In terms of the regular interview, Cracking the Business Analyst Interview Prep-Course helps a lot, as does the business analyst interview questions, answers discussions, and valuable tips contained within.

Bottom line – the prep-course repetition and live practice repetition help a lot. The more the better.

In terms of the conflict based/ weaknesses based questions I suggest navigating to Module 9 in the prep-course to brush up on these type of questions. Also take a look the “Two-Word Formula” in Module 6.  

If you execute the plan above, you will be in very good shape for the live interviews.

Good luck!

– Andy

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