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pretext: Great field report of transitioning to a business analyst role 

Hi Andy!

I have finally made the transition over to a Business Analyst position; believe it or not I was an executive assistant prior to this but you made me believe that I could be something more.

In my assistant role, I was lucky enough to have a manager who recognized my aptitude to complete more complex tasks. That, combined with my drive to transition to a BA role – led me to essentially be a business analyst even before I was given the title…or the salary When I received the offer, factoring in bonuses and retirement contribution, it’s about $65k; my family’s income right now is slightly over $30k. I will finally be able to put some money away for my daughter’s college education.

I started with simply gathering requirements for one of my manager’s project, from there I did a traceability matrix and before long I was leading requirements gathering sessions and speaking about how to write a competent functional spec document. These experiences allowed me to pad my resume and subsequently apply to numerous business analyst positions.

Interviews are my weak point and the first few didn’t go well at all, I did not know what they were looking for by asking the questions they did. I stumbled and felt defeated after every one of those…interrogation sessions.

Luckily, your workshop videos, articles and other information helped me in really preparing for my business analyst interview. This was one thing that was really holding me back, I realized that I did not need to tell my entire story of how I so badly wanted to become a business analyst and what I had sacrificed to become one. Instead, like you said in your prep-course I used the WAI statement and presented the best points of why I am the best person for the position and gave them real EXAMPLES.

Your workshop was very helpful, as were the printouts and the book. My advice to those reading this website is to study and consume all resources related to your business analyst interview preparation. You only have one shot so make it count.

You cannot control how naturally good you are, but you can be the best prepared.

Thank you so much, Andy, for everything. Keep up the great work!

My Reply:

When I first read this email, I was quite moved by it.

For me business analyst interviews is like a game – as in, I have a lot of fun doing it. I really enjoy getting emails like this but also, I like the fact that poor interview skills and lack of access to the business analyst interview questions are no longer preventing those who really deserve the role from getting it.

My original intention for sharing my business analyst interview tips was just for fun, and so that I didn’t have to keep explaining how to succeed in your business analyst interview over and over again (to family and friends etc).

I figured if I just wrote about it once, it would be significantly more efficient. For some reason, it just never occurred to me that a business analyst job offer could make such an impact on someone’s life. So I was quite touched by the news.

From an interview success viewpoint, there is one part of that story I want to emphasize with you – because I completely agree with it.

“You cannot control how naturally good you are, but you can be the best prepared.”

Very, very true

When I was interviewing with several companies for my business analyst position, I really had no idea if I was going to be a good business analyst, or how to succeed at the interview, or any of the business analyst interview questions with answers ahead of time. You guys, thorough this site do. Therefore, you have no excuses.

But, I worked reallyreallyreally hard to figure out how to do ensure that I succeeded in my interview. One way was failing and getting rejected from 11 business analyst interviews.

Another was to buy lunch from people and ask them for their advice, I begged friends to practice with me. I practiced by myself and I am pretty sure that I outworked and out prepared all the other candidates.

At the end of it all, I received 7 job offers and had to send emails to employers stating that I will not be going to second round interviews for some positions because I had already received so many offers.

But – and this is very important – without the effort to practice the BA interview questions, answers, core characteristics, and out prepare everyone else, I would likely have received another rejection letter.

My very first Business Analyst Interview, I completely bombed. For a 1 hour interview, I was stumbling in the 4th minute.

My second Interview, I bombed less Third time was still pretty mediocre

But eventually I understood the underlying mechanics of how to ace a business analyst interview, and then with enough practice, it became easy. Kind of like brushing your teeth in the morning, you don’t really think about it.

So bottom line, you gotta prepare, use my Prep-Course/ Book ® to get really good and ensure that you are the best prepared.

Your success in your business analyst interview is not determined by how much knowledge or experience you have in business analysis. It is determined by how well you present why you are the best person for the position. The two are not the same, and life everything is life, preparation leads to success.


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