Business Analyst Offer with no prior Business Analyst Experience

Success Story:

Hi Andy,

It’s all been a very hectic process but I’m glad to inform you that I have now been asked to provide my references.

I sent my references in this morning and hope to hear back from them before the end of next week. Though she is looking at a start date of one month from now which is okay because we are in the middle of summer.

My interview experience has been tough as I have not only been asked numerous questions but have had to ask quite a few myself. The overall tone of the interview has been conversational, something I did not expect. But I think the interviewers did this to make the candidates feel comfortable.

I stumbled and fumbled at one point during my second interview, somehow I just lost focus. The interviewer asked me this business analyst interview question:

How do you manage ambiguity?  

I do not know what happened. Suddenly I became incoherent, but later after gathering myself together; I apologized and asked to be allowed to answer the question. I think the interview process needs to be mastered.

My second interview was informal kind of, I guess they were trying to make me feel comfortable. I was asked to tell them about myself and why my interest in being a business analyst, and how I got to where I am today, my roles on projects. They asked how I got things done. They asked about my family, why I relocated from *******, my interests.

And Andy, thanks for advising me to use the word ‘passion‘, I can affirm that they became much more interested in me and we spent some time discussing about certification. They said they were sure that very soon, as the BA profession is growing fast, having CBAP certification would soon become a requirement, and they asked me if I had considered the CBAP certification as well, not only PMP, to which I answered yes.

I explained that I became more interested in the PMP because back in *******, having PMP made one more valuable to recruiters, even if one would still be practicing as BA.

One of the Executives was concerned about my background; he said that for someone who has an Administrative background, how have I been able to cope as a BA?

I confessed to him that my first role was tough, but that I was never shy to ask people for help nor clarification, as I was willing to do what was needed to help me achieve the goals of the project. 

I also explained that I had a lot of formal training in BA &PM, lots of hours on self study, and continue to learn.

Overall, I have no prior business analyst experience, and have held more administrative roles than anything else. Moreover, I stumbled at one point during my interview. I was sure that I would not receive the position but I believe I answered the other questions very well, came across as professional, competent and willing to learn. Most importantly I was prepared!

In fact, I was over prepared as I went through your cracking the business analyst interview prep-course 3 times.



My Reply:

Congratulations on your job offer! And the fact that you will be starting a month from now means you will have plenty of time to enjoy the summer without worrying about interviews, or searching for jobs.

I am absolutely ecstatic because I understand that you went through quite a few challenges, and spent hours going through the CTBAI-Prep Course.

I am glad that you have made the difficult move from an admin role to a business analyst position as this is a difficult transition to make.

Best of luck in the future,


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