Business Analyst Posting says: technology background desirable – am I doomed?


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Business Analyst Posting says: technology background desirable – am I doomed?


Andy thanks for the all superb information, I am almost ready for my interview and I feel very confident because I am prepared.

I was looking through the job posting for my business analyst interview tomorrow and I came across this:

“Technology background desirable”

Now I am worried, because I don’t have a technology background at all. I am actually trying to break into the business analyst profession and my previous experience I have worked with the systems development life cycle, gathered requirements, created use cases and conducted JAD sessions. However, it was not a BA position per se.

Will this prevent me from getting the job?


I am glad that I have been able to help, let me first clarify your question.

You were not in a business analyst position previously, but were doing things that a normal business analyst would be doing?

If that is the case, then you are in fact a Business Analyst

You will find that most people that are Business Analysts today kind of stumbled into it; they had a project come across their desk and started creating requirements or meeting with others to ensure that a new system worked (Validation).

From there they evolved into the wonderful world of business analysis.

What’s more is that even if you don’t have any experience in doing anything related to business analysis you can still get the job. Check out the core characteristics here: (I go over these in depth here).

Now I can’t speak in detail as I don’t know the other requirements of the job posting but you have every reason to be confident.

You have created use cases, worked through the SDLC, and conducted requirements gathering. Overall you have the experience necessary to be a business analyst even though you did not have the official title.

Technology Background Desirable

Another thing to note is that the job posting says: “Technology Background Desirable”, the key word here is “Desirable”. This is not a must have trait, if you have it great – if not what are the other things about you that make you a good fit for this position?


Here is where most candidates go wrong, they get so caught on what they “don’t have” that they forget about what they “do have”.

Focus on what you “do have” and make sure you convey that to the interviewer. Do not under any circumstances talk about what you “don’t have” or “what makes you not suitable for the position”.

You are there to present your case on why you deserve the position and if you waste time talking about how you don’t have a technology background then you will not get the job.

You see, if you can’t trust yourself to do the job then how can the interviewer give you the job.

If it comes up

However, if it comes up in conversation (as in the interviewer brings the lack of a technology background up) then make sure you have a short, concise and intelligent answer.

For example:

“I understand the importance of having a technology background for a position like this and although I have not obtained a computer science degree or worked directly with technology – I have implemented numerous technology solutions in the organizations I have worked for previously. I have an interest in technology and pick up the concepts very quickly. I do believe that my previous experience and my educational background make me an excellent candidate for this position. FOR EXAMPLE…”

You see, this answer focuses on the positive and shows how your experience WITH technology and your eagerness to learn and pick up new concepts easily make you an excellent candidate for the position.

Best of luck on your interview,



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