Business Systems Consultant Interview and Offer at Wells Fargo

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Success Story:

Hi Andy,

I am so excited to tell you that I landed the job offer just the next day I was interviewed!….thanks to your informative sessions and the structured answers about how to prepare for the Business Analyst Interview.

I will be starting at Wells Fargo in my new role as a Business Systems Consultant and will be meeting my manager next week.

My interview lasted for some 45 minutes. The interviewer started with explaining the projects she was handling and what her team was responsible for.

She mainly talked about taking care of Compliance related system functionalities within the bank. It was as if she was trying to say that like all other banks they too had to comply with the rules and regulations and suddenly there were some unexpected changes they had to work it out to implement them without any delays. 

Then she moved on to asking me the warming question..”Tell me about yourself” to which thanks to your help I was well prepared. Due to this, I started my interview on a strong note and everything else began falling in place.

After that she asked me interview questions that tested my skills and reaction to those situations. I felt my answers satisfied her most of the time.

Finally, the interviewer asked me “Tell me about yourself as a person.” Honestly speaking I had not expected this question as it was extremely personality based.

However, I spoke about my strengths and how I use my strengths to allow me to add value in the workplace. I also spoke about my other extracurricular activities.

Overall, it was frustrating preparing for the interview – but your preparation materials, articles and success stories have all been instrumental in my success.

Thanks for everything!

p.s I have also attached my Job Responsibilities for your reference (I hope it helps others in their journey to obtaining a Business Analyst position):

  • Develop Business Requirements Documentation (BRD) and Functional Specifications Documentation (FSD) by working with Business Owner and IT to ensure the FSD can be designed against; requires strong knowledge of business processes, software development practices, and industry practices (such as using different methodologies, e.g. JAD sessions, prototyping, waterfall, spiral and agile)
  • Serve as a liaison between the IT and the business organizations throughout the software development lifecycle to ensure quick and complete documentation and clarification of requirements; represent the IT organization by serving as the prime IT contact to the business team on projects
  • Manage the entire cycle of smaller projects, understanding that BRD and FSD activities may not be required to the full extent and can be replaced by Project Management activity (such as high level requirements, schedule development, communication management, issue management, testing and implementation)
  • Conduct user acceptance planning and execution activities in collaboration with the business and IT members; ensure defects are reported to the software team during user acceptance test execution
  • Ensure all functionality can be traced from the end-product back through user acceptance test cases, functional specifications, business requirements and project objectives

My Reply:

Hi ******,

This is absolutely fantastic news! rock on!


Congratulations on your offer, very well deserved. I am glad that I have been of some help. 

Now that you have secured your position, you need to be prepare yourself for the role. I would look through the job description and familiarize yourself with key asks. For example, if creating functional specification documents and being the lead in meetings is an important ask – then start by researching how to make better f-specs and how to lead effective meetings. 


All the best, 


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