No Substitute for Hard Work

Hope you are well.

First let me start by saying thank you for dedicating your time to assisting people around the world to understand the business analyst interview process and to also get an opportunity to simulate the real experience through the Cracking the Business Analyst Interview prep course.

So, two years later, with rejections from countless business analyst positions, I’m proud to share with you that I have just received an offer!!!!

I am still dazed and exhausted from the whole experience as I’m currently working full time and I had to put in all that effort over and above my work commitments. I’m glad and grateful that it has all paid off!

I’ve really valued the emails that you shared from F1Y who succeeded with your assistance and I wanted to share my story:

1. I completed my BBA 2 yrs ago and started applying for business anlyst roles among other things,
2 I barely made it beyond the first round interviews got to the final rounds with 2 banks but was rejected in the end
3. I tried to convince myself that maybe being a business analyst was not for me and I applied for other analyst jobs, which I got
4. A year into my analyst role, I couldn’t let go of being a business analyst as a career option as I felt it was a better fit with my strengths and interests.

My prep:

1. Solo practices (too many I’ve lost count)
2. Interview coaching with a business analyst associate (2 sessions)
3. Skype practise sessions with a variety of partners (lost count)
4. Cracking the Business Analyst Interview Prep-Course
5. Face to face sessions with practice partner (5-6 sessions)
5. Duration: 3 months (I’m working full time,so mostly evenings and weekends)

There is no substitute for hard work. It really pays off..

All I wanted you to know is that your advice works and is on point!!! Every word of it..

In the week prior to the interview, I was “interviewed-out” and did not have the energy to do any more practice. All I did was listen to your workshop videos and went through your CTBAI Prep-Course to remind myself of the fundamentals. Needless to say, that approach yielded dividends!!!

Andy, thank you and please continue inspiring other aspiring business analysts out there. May God bless your work and enable to continue blessing others out there.

Do let me know if you are ever in [reader’s country] as I would be really honoured to host you.

My Reply:

Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences, and congratulations on the offer!! Your hard work really did pay off.
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